Sunday, 13 August 2017

Here are the Reasons you Should Think Twice Before Marrying a Ready-Made Man

Some ladies today do not want to work on any marriage. They want a ready made man who will take away all their poverty in a day. They secretly pray for a man working in an oil company or is a successful business man, earn in at least six figures, has a company car or his own personal posh car and lives in a duplex at minimum, at worst, 3 bedroom flat.

Reasons you Should Think Twice Before Marrying a Ready-Made Man

Now listen young lady, the good man you want is not in that category! What?

Yes! That man who will give you the love, affection and respect you truly deserve doesn't usually come with a posh car! He comes with his vision, struggling to find his feet and hoping with your help, he will make something great out of his life.

Here are the reasons you should think twice before marrying a ready-made man. That man has made it without you. You are nothing but a piece of property to him. He knows your greed. He knows you don't really love him, if you do, you wouldn't be attracted to his success first. Men are not daft. They know when a lady wants them for their money and nothing else. He has listened carefully to your conversation. He knows you have nothing sensible to add to his life except to collect his money and show off. He knows your respect is fake, it is due to the money he gives you and when the money is gone so will your respect. So he keeps working hard to feed your greed, never having time for you and the children. He shouts you down when you talk because you do not have solution to his problems, you rather create more. He believes you are a dummy upstairs.

He only married you because you are beautiful, wants you to be his permanent s*xual partner and raise his children, no more. Your emotional needs and problems are not his concern. All you need is money and he has given you in abundance. Many women are weeping daily in such marriages! Their greed and lust for money has put them in a permanent dungeon of pain, regret and sorrow!

These women had opportunities to pick the right men for their lives but they were too proud, too selective, too pompous to pick a man they will start life with. Better marry a man who sees you as his mate than a piece of property!

Marry someone who sees you as his friend. Marry someone who values your words and respects you because you add value to his life. Marry someone at your level. Don't look for someone beyond your reach. Marry a man who will listen to you, value you, respect you and let you contribute to his life.
A virtuous woman is not indolent. She is not lazying around looking for who to rescue her. She is smart, sharp, intelligent, hardworking, generous and a great contributor to her man's success.

Don't be a liability. Be a blessing. Be a hard worker. Let God direct you to your man. Stand by him, work with him, encourage him, motivate him, pray for him and be a part of his success. When he becomes great and successful, he will give you all the honour, respect and love you deserve because he knows you were in his life to give and not just to take. Without you by his side, he wouldn't have become so wealthy and successful. He knows you are the reason behind his smile. You are his gold and he would never let you go. Behind every successful man, is a virtuous woman and that virtuous woman is you! God bless you.
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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

California Sugar Mummy Olivia Needs a Strong Young Man

california Sugar mummy

Meet Sugar Mommy Olivia from California – A 37 year old real estate manager in California, USA. California Sugar Mummy, She is beautiful and chubby. She has a beautiful heart and she is very emotional. She is also a lover football and she fans Manchester United big time.

Oliva is willing to accept any sugar boy from anywhere in Africa, America or Europe (Note; no segregation, just sake of proximity). She has promised to take care of your papers and flight ticket to America (That is if you’re not from America).  You will live with her and she will give you all you need.

To get Olivia as your sugar momma, drop your number in the comment box in international format. We will contact your once you are selected. If you haven’t registered on our website, kindly do so now. If you are not registered, we cannot connect you to any sugar mama. By the way, registration is free. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click register.

Note: At datebadoo website, we make sure we get you the best sugar mamas around that can take good care of you and ensure you have a beautiful life.

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Definition of a Typical Nigerian Relationship

A typical Nigerian relationship can be defined as the coming together of a male & female, with a mutual agreement to f*ck each other, with reckless abandon, and enjoy it, after which the guy pays the girl for it, one way or another.

Please what do you think about this? is it true or false?
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Saturday, 5 August 2017

I am Tired of Family Planning Please Suggest Names of Good C@ndoms

names of good condoms

I am tired of family planning please, suggest for me guys!, names of good c@ndoms, Don't be shy, we all do have s@x????

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How to Increase The Length Of Your P£NIS Gigantically

6 food that increases penis size

With this six foods, i can assure you of a large p!nis to aid spice up your love life with chillies. When your face flushes after eating a curry, that’s the blood vessels expanding thanks to the effect of the chillies. And it’s not just the blood vessels in your face that get the boost. Biologically speaking a hard-on is simple hydraulics – more liquid (blood) being forced into little tubes (blood vessels) in your p3nis – so what you need is a strong heart and smooth, healthy pipework.

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Monday, 31 July 2017

Download Video of Covenant University Student Tw@rking Like Mad

Download video of Covenant University Student Shaking her Big b00ty Yesterday At The Mirade This Was Amazing Because It was The Best Twaking The Have Seen In A Long Time.

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2 Things that Happens When a Man Makes Love with a Pregnant Woman

When a man makes Love with a Pregnant Woman is it possible for a man to poke the baby in the head with the tip of his p3n1s while hes having s3x with his partner or wife? Before we tell you if the answer is yes or no, first, a brief anatomy lesson.

making love with a pregnannt woman

The growing baby is floating inside a sac of amniotic fluid which is floating inside the amniotic sac inside the uterus
The uterus is protected by the cervix, a rigid barrier to the v@g1-na which slowly opens over the course of the pregnancy. The birth canal is 3 to 7 inches in length, depending on the womans state of arousol.

The ultrasound picture above is of an actual P3n!s inside a woman who is 6 months pregnant. The white colored area above the pe*is is the cervix. Beyond that is the uterus, amniotic sac and baby. As you can see, the direction of the p1nis is down. During s3x, the p3n1s fits in a space underneath the cervix and uterus.

So, whats the answer? Can you poke the baby in the head during s3x with the tip of the p3n1s?
No. Its not possible, because the baby is protected behind the rigid cervix, uterus, and amniotic fluid


Yes. Its possible for a man, regardless of his p3n1s length, to gently jostle or push the baby.
However Its no more of a jostle than the baby would experience if the pregnant woman were to run up a set of stairs or to exercise. As you can see from the photo, its quite possible for the shaft of the p3nis to brush up against the cervix, which could, in turn, jostle the contents of the amniotic sac and thus, jostle the growing baby.
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