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Saturday, 1 April 2017

My Catholic Parents Has Refused to Allow Me Marry an Anglican Man: Please Advice me

Catholic vs Anglican

My Catholic Parents Refused to Allow Me Marry an Anglican Man 

I have been sad for over a week now, even to the extent that it is affecting my job.

Since i started having suitors 85% of them are non catholics but ironically those i tend to love are this non catholics.

Before i go into any relationship i look at the individual critically and i pray before going into the relationship. But my parent have practically chased them away because they are not catholics.

Two have come to ask for my hand in marriage and they practically objected. I was pushed to date a particular guy because of this religion issue but he almost ruined my life and they are aware.

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After that, I decided to follow my heart and seek happiness not minding religion, I started a relationship last year january and we are now Engaged.

My parent refused to still allow me marry this guy except with the condition that the wedding will be done in the Catholic church because of the position they occupy.

My fiancee is an anglican and his relatives are insisting that in igboland the man marries the woman and as such should wed in his church.

They say my fiancee is the first to get married in the
whole extended family and must do the right thing for others to take after him.

I have cried, begged yet no positive response. My fiancee has pleaded with his family yet no positive response. I feel i am cursed, i have rejected close to sıx suitors because of religion. Just
yesterday my cousin introduced me to his friend that is a Winner saying that he is nice and has accepted
to wed me in the catholic church.

No one cares about my happiness all they want is to save the face of the family.

How will i marry somone i do not love because of religion?

My family is threatening to
disown me if i insist on going ahead with my fiancee. I am so downcast, i know many people here are so experienced in this issue, please i need advice. Thanks
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