Friday, 30 June 2017

To All Men: See What Will Happen to Your Joystick When you Engage in Too Much S*x

See What Will Happen to Your Joystick When you Engage in Too Much S*x

Today I am going to be revealing some dangers of engaging in too much s*x. It’s not always a happy ending for some men.

If a man is not careful enough, there are some horrible things that can go wrong with his pe*is.


After a marathon s!x event, the skin on your p*nis might feel tender, or even appear darker or reddish. If it is not chafing of the skin—you remembered to use lube this time—then it could just be the result of an extraordinarily long-lasting erection. It takes a lot of blood to keep that thing up, and if you have been going at it for a long time, then your tenderness could be from that. If you still feel sore the next day, just take it easy, champ—you should be ready for the next race in no time.


If you are having so much s"x you are experiencing pain or numbness, definitely take a break. If your emotional desire is flagging and you are just going through the motions because you feel like you have to compete, take a few nights off and you might find yourself looking forward to it again. The pressure to transform a loving experience into a marathon event can lead to erectile dysfunction where none had existed, or even damage a relationship.


Even though it doesn’t actually contain any bones, it’s still possible to fracture your p*nis.
Basically, a p*nis is made up of three tubes, two of which fill up with blood when the p!nis is erect.

The third tube is the urethra, through which passes urine.
If the other two tubes are full — if you are hard — and the p?nis is subject to too much force (i.e., really rough s!x), then the tissue can rupture.

Please do not over do it when next you find yourself engaging in s*x.

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: This Lilian From Unilag Nack V!deo Will Make Y0ur Thing St@nd

This Nack V!de0 Of Lilian Fr0m Unilag W!ll Make Y0ur T!n St@nd

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Another 6 Minutes Viral Nak Video of Melissa

Another 6 Minutes Viral Nak Video of Melissa

This video got me thinking. She was so perfect enjoying what she was doing.. Download and see for yourself.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: This Video Will Make Your Day

This Video Will Make Your Day

After watching this video, you wont regret ever visiting this blog. The video really made my day. please kindly download and share.

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DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Joy from Lagos Video


Joy from Lagos is feeling happy today and she wants you guys to watch her video. Enjoy your day

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DOWNLOAD VIDEO: this 7 Minutes Video will Make your Day

7 minutes nak video of uniport chap
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Download this 7 minutes nak video of uniport chap, honestly, this video will make your day.

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Beautiful Calabar Girl Kerewawa Vide0

calabar girl flaunts t0t0 to guy

 Calabar people and their love for kerewa wa, just imagine this girl want this boy to see something, watch the video and see.

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: See How Naija Guy E*joys Himself with Cynthia


This guy mike shares how he spent his weekend with cynthia. i was marvelled when i saw what really went on in the club.


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DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Young Calabar Girl Recieves Best Nak of Life

best nak video

This young calabar girl as was asked, she said this is her best nakking experience ever and she is happy and enjoyed the whole thing.
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DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Look at the Video This Facebook Girl Posted This Morning

facebook girl latest video

This morning a girl named mellissa shocked us all as she dropped a new video that will make any man go gaga.


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Friday, 23 June 2017


See how this beautiful lagos business woman made all the men in the market confused.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

My Calabar S?xcapade

Before I gained admission in the university of Calabar, I had a girlfriend who I dated for about 5 years before then. She visited me about two times within the first semester of my first year. 

My Calabar Sexcapade

In the second semester, things started being rocky as she was told that I have started toasting girls on campus. One thing led to another, and we broke up. I was determined to face my studies and leave girls till graduation. That decision later proved not to be the best as I was a target for many girls.

My only brother who was in his final year when I started had a girlfriend Mary, who is from the same community with us, though not same village. Mary had two sisters who lived and schooled with her in Calabar.

Rose was the next to Mary. She is tall, dark, and had a very dry sense of humour. One particular Friday, she came to tell me that she was going home for the weekend. I asked her to get some money and foodstuffs from my parents for me, as I was not in the habit of going home. Note this was pre-mobile phones era in Nigeria. She was to come back on Sunday evening. On Monday morning, I went to confirm that she got some money for me, as I had to register for a practical class next day. My Monday classes used to start by 10 am, so I could afford to visit her, and she was doing evening program. When I arrived at their place, she was making breakfast for the elder sister. Mary ate her breakfast as fast as she could and rushed out for her lectures, while Rose went to the bathroom to have her bath.

When Rose entered the room, she announced, "I saw Vicky".

I pretended not to know who Vicky was. "Who is Vicky?" I asked. "Your girlfriend", she responded. I told her that we were no more together, that I was focused on my books. She did not want to believe me or I should say, she pretended not to believe me. At a point, I told her, whether you believe it or not, does not make it a lie. "It is what happened 4 months ago, your doubting it will not undo what was already done". "But why will any girl abandon a huge tool like yours?" she asked while attempting to touch my d*ck. I was surprised at her attempt. I asked her to repeat what she was saying. "What girl would abandon the kind of d*ck you carry?", she repeated without any fear. "But most girls do not want it", I said.

She immediately retorted "I will give anything to test that your d*ck, Joseph". At that point, I was confused. I asked her if she was joking, she said "I am serious".

I tried to divert the discussion by asking her if my parents sent any money for me. She said yes, that they sent =N=1500 to me.

I told her that I have to go as I have a class by 9:00am. "But this is barely 8:30am", she said. As she said that, she went out to spread her towel outside, it was a kind of face-me-I-face-you housing.

As she came in, she closed the door behind her. She brought out the money my parents sent to me. As she counted the money, she said, " 'Joseph', I have something to tell you, but promise me that no body else will know". "Go ahead, I promise", I responded. "I want that thing between your legs" was all she said. I could not believe my ears, but was sure I heard her well.

"You mean now?", was all I could say. "Well, if you do not mind". At that point, I was divided between catching in on the offer or thinking if it was a trap.

I remember that such offer may have some implications including pregnancy, STDs etc.
"You know what?", I asked. "What?", she responded. "I do not have a c*ndom". "Do we need a c*ndom? I do not really like c*ndoms" was what she said.

An idea popped into my head. I asked if we can go to my place. She questioned about my brother seeing us. I told her that my brother's classes end by 4:00pm on Mondays. Within 10-15mins, she had finished dressing and handed over the money my parents sent to me.

We left the house to the main road to flag down a bike. We reached my house at about 9:05am. Almost all my neighbours had gone to school or work, except Ngozi who did a remedial program. Meaning she has classes in the evening too.

By the time we went into the room, my d*ck was already beginning to leap with joy, while I pretended to be looking for something else.

Rose sat on a small bench in the room facing me. When she started removing her shirt button was when I knew she wanted it for real. I brought out 2 gold circle c*ndoms, and put them on the mattress which was on the floor. I helped her removed her bra, while she quickly grabbed my d*ck, trying to give me a B*ow job.

I restrained her, knowing if we go into extensive pre-intimacy, I will not meet up for my 10:00am class.
We f*cked for about 10-15mins, while she screamed such that everyone that passed knew that there was f*cking going on.

After the first round, I thought I was done and wanted to go take a shower for the second time. But she was still there, smiling with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I assumed she liked it, and I had not f*cked for past 4 months, I wanted to compensate for that period.

So, I headed for the second round. This time, I allowed her to give me a BJ. We f*cked far longer than the first round. By the time I realized, it was 10:25am and I had missed my first class for the week, but Rose was satisfied.

I staggered down to school, while she went back home. I kept f*cking Rose anytime she wanted or I wanted till in 2001 when she finished her diploma program and left Calabar for good.

The truth is, nobody knew what went on. Rose is happily married and we still respect each other.

To be continued.
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Saturday, 10 June 2017

How I Seduced Mike Till He F*ked Me Mercilessly

I could not get enough of him. I was tired and sore but I did not care. I did not want to sleep. I wanted the ache. I wanted him in me, all the time. His weight on top of me. I wanted to squeeze him in further and further. 

How I Seduced Mike Till He Fuked Me Mercilessly

I wanted to watch his face. I wanted his sweat to drop onto me. I wanted to drop mine on him. I got on top of him. I would never done it before. I could not really believe it; I was doing this. I was inventing something.

I held him and put him in. He felt deeper in me. I will never forget it. I was in charge and he liked it. I held his hands down. He pretended he was trying to break free. I let my tits touch his face. He went mad; he bucked. He split me in two. I pushed down. I could not believe it. One of his fingers flicked over my bum. I did it to him. He lifted and heaved.

I could not believe it. There was no end to it, no end to the new things. He did something. I copied him. I did something. He did it back. He took me from behind. I pushed back, forced more of him into me. I sucked him. He licked me. I made him c*m on my stomach. He sucked my toes. The whole room rocked and my face was so filled with smiles because I org*smed like never before.

Honestly I never knew Mike was a good f*cker until this day.
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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

John Tech Service

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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Best S*x Tips Ever

Below is the best s*x tip you can ever get anywhere. With this tips, your marriage is good to go.

Best Sex tips ever

1. A Lady needs 25-30 minutes to be ready for s*x so take your time while holding her.

2. Massage her slowly and tenderly, kiss her lips till they all turn Red.

3. Caress her b*obs and suck her n*pples untill they become erect like pen cover.

4. Take her pa*ties off and let her lie on the bed then go down on her and eat her p*ssy till she shouts your native name unknowingly.

5. Ladies: Please hold his erect d*ck and start sucking it passionately, men love this too. And men, never you deny a lady HEAD when you are also craving for a BJ, do not be stingy.

6. Then slowly insert his erect d*ck in your wet p*ssy. This shows that you are ready for the action and karate mortal combats together!

7. Men do not hurry to ej*culate, at least 35minutes so use every style you know to make her feel the pleasure. Make an eye contact as you are digging her.

8. Make sure that at the time of ej*culating, the lady has also reached her org*sm.

9. After ej*culation, do not remove your d*ck from the wet p*ssy. Let it stay there for some minutes as you kiss and caress her passionately! She might fall asleep who knows.

10. Use your right hand and slowly touch the cli*oris and massage it. Ladies love this a lot.

11. After some minutes, your d*ck will be erect again. You can dig her until she is satisfied.


●Dear MEN, please it is very wrong to penetrate a woman and in less than 2mins you are weak! What is that? It can kill a relationship if you do not know! It is WRONG please!

●Dear WOMEN please do not always expect a MAN to plead you before you ride him as well, learn to give and also take! It is vice versa!


Little things like this can keep a lasting relationship and marriage forever but you'll see it as evil advice from me! Since nobody can force you to commit suicide same as your decision to adhere or admit this but pretends kills. Many will say I am insane yes I agree but what makes you perfect?
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