Friday, 7 April 2017

Am Getting Fed up With my Husband Dirty Attitude: What Should I do?

dirty husband

Good morning admin, honestly I am getting fed up with my husbands attitude. 

Whenever I ask him why the
house is like a trash, he would not say a word. He
thinks and act like a fool.

Yes that is it, we live in different state and I work in another state, reason I can not stay with the children is because, my work takes me to places ,he said I should not bother that, he can stay with the children and do his business as well, he sells provisions.

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Admin do you know that I
always quarrel him when I travel to go and see them, because, the house I left in order will be looking like a Dustbin when I get home. His brothers send him goods from abroad, where we live in is my brother in-laws boys quarters.

Everywhere scattered, he and the children sleep under clothes that is supposed to be arranged in the wardrobe.

My kitchen is nothing to write home about. My bedroom, everywhere smelling. He washes their clothes but he will not even care put them in the wardrobe.

Once I get two weeks leave, I
will go home and work till I am exhausted. Honestly I do not feel happy seeing my house in such a mess when I get home, why he can not keep the home neat, I do not understand.

We can not afford a house help for now. We are trying to build up first. I have three kids, he is 44years. What should I do?

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