Sunday, 2 April 2017

My Husband Hates Making Love to Me: What Should I Do?

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My Husband Hates Making Love to Me

Good day to you all, please this is eating me up and it would be my first time discussing it like I would extensively here. I almost know what other readers would say, but I still need to say it any way.

I turned 31 yesterday, I am married with 3 boys and another baby on the way. My kids are 7, 5 and 1 plus. My problem here is my husband does not seem to want to make love to me unless I go to him because we sleep in separate rooms. Some time ago , we slept together, But later in d night d kids would cry and come and join us, and because the bed was tight, hubby would leave and go and sleep elsewhere. It soon became a habit that even when the kids did not come he would still leave me and go and sleep elsewhere. 

This happened until my room( he already told me that once we moved to our personal house we would have our individual rooms, although I argued a bit but he made me feel like I was too clingy) was furnished then I
started sleeping by myself.

Sleeping alone is not my problem, But having s*x 3 or 4 times in a year is my biggest problem.

One time we almost did not have s*x the whole year.

You can look through my picture and see if I am a s*xy
mum or not. I am able to make a man cum in 3 minutes. I basically control the act. I can say I even thought my hubby how to f*ck because 8yrs ago when we started he only did missionary style. Now with every intercourse we do at least 3 styles and when I come on top of him he will cry and beg that I would make him cum.

I think I am good in bed in my own capacity because I
started having serious s*x from the age of 15 and I was f*cking_almost everyday. I do not double date n I do not cheat because I belief cheating is belittling.

Years ago when I complained my hubby was no giving me
enough s*x, he argued that it was so that if he travelled for a job for 6 months or more I would be able to stay. I think that is total rubbish because now we lack intimacy in our marriage.

I am not so into men per se, because growing up I had a very beautiful body and I walked seductively and my look was sort of sultry so they said. I had lots of big guys hitting on me but I felt what they wanted was just my body so I never gave them a chance.

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