Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My First Time S*x Experience: Amaka's Story

first time sex

Growing up. I have always been sheltered by my
mother, who was a single parent that raised me in
deep Christian and modest values, before I entered
the world of college, I was one of those individuals
strongly against s*x before marriage.

In my mindset, abstinence was always the way to go, and the idea of s*x made me feel immature and uncomfortable.

However, as I hit the world of college, I was a thousand miles away from my mother’s watchful eyes and protection. I became fascinated with such freedom, and learning that the culture governed school life, I found myself pressured against my norms. I mean, I was already 18, and had not lost my virginity, yet. It was not a bad thing, and I knew I
wanted to wait for that special moment, but
unfortunately, that was not what happened.

In the beginning of the school year, I met a guy, and we started dating. We pretty much were on and off, and at some point, I lost interest in him. One day, he called me and said he needed to talk about us, so I went to see him. When I got to his lodge, he was alone, because, his room mate went out. So we
began talking, he said he wanted us to be more serious with the relationship, he wanted us to be intimate, that he loves me a lot, I agreed and decided to put more effort into it. After the
discussion with him, he leaned closer to me, tried to
kiss me several times, but I blocked it, then I found
out blocking it was making me insane, I wanted to experience that part of life.

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Finally, I gave in, and we kissed, and kissing leads to other things. (No jokes, the guy will pull moves, and if you are feeling it, you will not be able to stop him)
We somehow ended up with our clothes on the floor
and I gave him a blow job. It was not the first time, but at this point, I knew I was tired of doing just that.

He was a virgin too, so I thought that because we
messed around a few times, that it would be okay to have our virginity taken by each other. At that time, it was all added up, and the whole being the good christian girl, slipped my mind. When he was getting the condom, after I asked, I panicked for a few
seconds that this was a milestone in my life, where I
would lose my virginity and sin, go against my values.

But the urge to be on another train was way stronger, so he came back with the co*dom, and I was ready to go all the way, that night.

He put the co*dom on, and I was on top, fo*eplay was really important, because it made it easier for him to slide in me without blood being involved. The first couple of tries, were discouraging, because, his
p*nis would not go in, but we did not give up, after a seemingly endless amount of times, I felt the ridiculousness of it.

The next moment, I felt his p*nis in line with my v*gina, I slipped it in. That was probably one of the sorest things I have ever experienced, but it was not the worst, compared to the second time. Once it was in, he tried to thrust in and out, but that was probably the smartest thing for him to do, since it hurt real bad. After a while, the pain stopped, I thought I bled, but I did not.

After that night, we did not feel that close to each other anymore, we only met for s*x, it was hard to accept at first, but later, I got used to it and we became ‘friends with benefits’.

The only regret was that we were not emotionally tied.

It was good in a way, though, because we were each other’s first, we both knew we did not have to worry about STD’s.

Please, make sure you guys reading this, always consider the health side effects, since that is important too, and wear protection ALWAYS, if you can not abstain from s*x.

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