Monday, 17 April 2017

He Wants to Marry Me but Am Scared: Advice me Please

I need advice on this. Am 26rs just graduated last year and he is 34years. I met him last year September through his sister and we started talking. After 1month he opened up to me that he was married, I was shocked and wanted to avoid him, he told me he got married 2015 and few months after their wedding the lady got pregnant for him but started talking concoctions without his knowledge so as to get rid of the baby, he took her to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that the baby is dead and they have to flush it.

It got him angry and he went extra mile to find out more about the girl, he found out that the girl is already married since 2010 and she also lied to him about her age, she is much older than him. He showed me the girl first wedding pictures and she was also heavily pregnant in the pictures.

The guy invited the girls parent, the pastor that wedded them and his own parents to his house to dissolve the wedding, the pastor destroyed their wedding certificate saying that the lady already belongs to another man.

He came to my house last christmas with his parents to confirm the story because i doubted him. This is 7months we started talking and he have asked me to marry him.

I do really like enough to marry him but the problem is the messages the ex-wife sends to him, the last message she sent was that God will fight for her and he replied her that her charm will no more work on him.

Do you think I should give time before accepting him?

Pls I need advice your advice and not insult.
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Saturday, 15 April 2017

My Girlfriend is Still Having S*x with Her Ex: What do I do?

Sex my ex

what can I do, my girlfriend is still having s*x with her ex , she said the guy is too good
in bed and they can not marry because both are AS. 

I can not see my self sucking a woman, I have not done it
before, and I do not even like the bl*w job thing.

I love her but she is still having s*x with that her ex who got married last two years. I have told her it is not
good to still be sleeping with the man, but she told me she is doing it for fun, just 5 months, I called off the relationship, she fought tooth and nail saying I can not call it off like that, she kept calling and disturbing, I love her honestly, we reconciled but I found out that her ex is still communicating with her.
I am confused What should I do?
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Thursday, 13 April 2017

My Husband Wants me to Sleep With Another Man: Please What do I do?

Sex with a stranger

My husband had an accident after 1 year 9 months of our marriage and his organs were affected so badly and landed him on a wheel chair .

It is so bad because nothing can be done, all the hospitals we have gone to. They are not too rich to travel out either.

After 4years of going to hospital to hospitals, his parents called me telling me to try and get pregnant for their son but it should not be from any of his relation at all. That I should keep it as a secret I will take to my grave.

This secret is amongst just me, him and his parents, no one else knows he is impotent.

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on Our 5 Children by Himself: Please What Should I do?

He has been a torn to me. I am finding this very hard
to do, but he is still making life miserable for me. No
support from him, anytime I return, he will tell me to
first go into the bathroom and i should not seat on his bed, I will not even embrace him, even after bathing, he will not allow me bring his food, he treats me like a piece of tissue. I have not even decided to sleep with anybody yet, though it has been 9 months they told
me that, it is really a tough one for me.

I so love my husband, I do not believe in having extra
marital affairs, but the way he sees me like a dirty thing makes me to call him one day and ask for a divorce.

Last week I went for a wedding, I drove myself because the driver does not come on weekends, we have a nanny, before leaving I made him bitter leaf soup and pounded yam, that was what he asked for. When I left, I have not even gotten to the wedding venue, he started asking, who am i with? , who is the man? I was shocked. I told him nobody.

Every hour he calls, it got to a length, I stopped picking so as to have peace. When I came back from the wedding, he threw packs of c*ndom at me, called me a Free s*x worker and all.

I am tired. He is their only male child amongst 5 girls.

What can you say about this?
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Sunday, 9 April 2017

How I Want Charles to F*ck Me Today : Ifeoma Fantasizes

Fuck me today

We actually met under some dire situations, we just got talking and then the chemistry became stronger,
the air got so thick with passion each time we are
together. I actually appreciate the fact that we can discuss anything, I am your fantasy, your dream, but we both know that we can never be together, it would break the heart of your wife.

Just recently, I can hear the jealousy in your voice, I
sense it inbetween every sentence you say, I smell
it from far, I just can not comprehend how something
so wrong can be so right for both of us. We have
never seen, but we do crazy stuff via the phone and
in 'best friends forever' oh my love. Prior to now, I felt
it is just a crazy fantasy that would just vanish like a
whiff of smoke, but alas, I have come to understand
that with each passing day, the desire to see you is
getting stronger.

Your voice chokes life out of me, the connectivity is the craziest reaction for me, I can feel you, and now, am about to do the craziest thing, like using your d*ck to taunt my, l* bia, yeahhhhhhhhhh, stroking hard on my p*ssy.

I want to take the tip of your d*ck and tease with my mouth, till you shove it deep into my throat. I just need to lick you badly with my
tongue. I want to saddle and ride you like a horse, give you authentic 360 degrees of straight f*cking.

I can jerk you real good and make my warm, tiny a*s
give you some mind blowing sensation.

I need to feel your fingers, one after the other, doing
some justice to my p*ssy, I need to blow right now,
there is an erruption about to come forth oh,yeah, jeeeezzzzz, f*ck,
I do not need love making, I just need some real gud
f*cking till I can scream my guts out, with reckless
abandon. Put your mouth on my n*pples and suck it off slickly. S*ck me hard and crazy, Charles.

Trace your finger from my fore-head, down the bridge of my nose, to my lips, let me suck the tip of your finger for a while please, I just want to feel that finger sensitizing my br*asts, teasing me till I burst
out in tears of sensation.

Traveling down to my navel, oh heaven, even unto my p*ssy land. I need to feel the sweetness of your cap in my warm, moist small, curvy p*ssy hole. F*ck me crazy, F*ck me to pieces and scatter!

Pinch me, slap that a*s, smack it hard as you f*ck
me, oh yeah, like that, do not stop, take me up from the back, f*ck, am so wet, dripping, c*ming, yet still far away. Give me that doggy, get me on my fours, b*ng me without mercy now, am talking gibberish, stop and give me some 69, put your f"cking d*ck into my mouth and suck my p*ssy juice for a while.

Let's go back to the scissors, s*ck me like you are s*cking the n*pples, lick me like an ice-cream, drink me like coke, you are so sweet, Charles.

My eyes are dilating and it is like am on cloud 9, shove your turbo charged d*ck into
my petite mouth and watch me s*ck your d*ck and sacs hungrily, lusciously, without a reason to stop for a second, your d*ck is a killer, just kill me with f*ck, oohhhhhhhh lawwwwd.

To be continued!
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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Five Hot Questions for Single Young Men

single married men

Cynthia wrote; please help me ask your single young men these questions.

1, why do most of them lie a lot these days?

2, why most of them are too lazy to get a job but prefer to feed on a young girls pocket and are not ashamed of that ?

3, why most of them find it hard getting married, even when they have seen a descent girl?

4, why most of them want to know what a woman have to offer them before they settle down with them.

5, Please help me ask them where their sense of reasoning have gone to, why they are always eager to have s*x with a woman who they
have not married and when they are done,they dump
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My Husband Wants to Run A DNA Test on Our 5 Children by Himself: Please What Should I do?

DNA test

Admin, please my husband woke up last week and started demanding for the DNA of our five children . 

I was shocked, saying he is taking his children himself to a doctor, a marriage of 15 years. He is not on Facebook , that is why I am seeking for help, the honest truth is that, our first son is not his child.

When he proposed to me, I thought he was not serious because he is so into women,so I was still seeing my ex who is married with 4 children now, he himself does not know the child is his. I have been living with this secret for long, now I do not know what to do.

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Attitude: What Should I do?

How can I handle things please? He is planning on taking them for a test himself, should I open up now? I know you have matured readers on your blog, they can give me a better solution to this,
help me datebadoo fans?
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Friday, 7 April 2017

Top Reasons Why Most Ladies are Still Single Even at 40

How to get a husband

I will like us to discuss on the reasons why most ladies are not yet married even as they clock 40.

One of my friend said to me one day that all these Single
ladies i see around has one thing or the other that make them remain unmarried.

He said most has attitudenal issues, some are not ready to settle with a man who is not financially up there. He said that when you come close to some to interract you will
find out that upon their mature age of 40 and above
you will find out the ladies still thinks like a girl of 18 years. Not mature in thinking and action.

Recently, someone i know approached a lady he would love to marry.

He told her that he adore and want to marry her but the only issue is that he is not finacially bouyant.

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The lady in Question is 45years. She told him that
she can not go into such relationship. She want a man
that is happening. This man she rejected has 5million naira and more in his bank account. He did not want to show off first.

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The lady is unmarried till date. Honestly what i have
witnessed is spirit damping.
Many girls even well mature ladies do not know what they should look for in men before getting married.

Many girls only will go all the way with a man they consider rich not looking
at his behaviour. A man with a beautiful heart or woman with a beautiful heart makes marriage very interesting and enjoyable.
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Am Getting Fed up With my Husband Dirty Attitude: What Should I do?

dirty husband

Good morning admin, honestly I am getting fed up with my husbands attitude. 

Whenever I ask him why the
house is like a trash, he would not say a word. He
thinks and act like a fool.

Yes that is it, we live in different state and I work in another state, reason I can not stay with the children is because, my work takes me to places ,he said I should not bother that, he can stay with the children and do his business as well, he sells provisions.

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Admin do you know that I
always quarrel him when I travel to go and see them, because, the house I left in order will be looking like a Dustbin when I get home. His brothers send him goods from abroad, where we live in is my brother in-laws boys quarters.

Everywhere scattered, he and the children sleep under clothes that is supposed to be arranged in the wardrobe.

My kitchen is nothing to write home about. My bedroom, everywhere smelling. He washes their clothes but he will not even care put them in the wardrobe.

Once I get two weeks leave, I
will go home and work till I am exhausted. Honestly I do not feel happy seeing my house in such a mess when I get home, why he can not keep the home neat, I do not understand.

We can not afford a house help for now. We are trying to build up first. I have three kids, he is 44years. What should I do?
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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Is it Bad for me to Tell My Wife to Stop Wearing Skimpy Dress?

My wife loves wearings skimpy dress and i do not like, please what should I do?

My wife skimpy dress

my marriage is 2years, my wife is so stubborn, she
said I can not tell her what to wear out. She is always
on short gown and she wears them to functions, once she bends down all her inner will be showing.

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last Saturday, a colleague of mine was wedding, what my wife wore out of the room, I told her she will not wear that and follow me, that she should go change it, I was waiting for her to wear something else, did not even know she went into the bedroom, undressed and laid down and was sleeping. 

Is it bad for me to tell her to stop wearing skimpy gowns?

She is 28 years. I am 36 years.
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Why Women Love and Appreciate Men with BIG Joystick

Men with big penis

Women love BIG p*nis because they love to have good pounding, long enough to make them cry and scream out your name every time you are making love to them.

If that is not happening, you need to do something about it fast.

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You also risk losing her to another man out there, who has a much better rock-solid bed stamina lasting a lot longer than you are presently lasting.

You do not want her looking at you like this after s*x.

Women love big penis

Just imagine what could be going on in this woman’s head. She will be regretting getting involved with you and cursing the day she met you.

That is what happens when you leave a woman high
and dry after s*x. If care is not taken, she could break your big head.

God forbid!!!

Just because of s*x you may say? Well, it is that important to her. And it should be important to you too, do you understand?

Learn to be good in bed and satisfy your woman.
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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My First Time S*x Experience: Amaka's Story

first time sex

Growing up. I have always been sheltered by my
mother, who was a single parent that raised me in
deep Christian and modest values, before I entered
the world of college, I was one of those individuals
strongly against s*x before marriage.

In my mindset, abstinence was always the way to go, and the idea of s*x made me feel immature and uncomfortable.

However, as I hit the world of college, I was a thousand miles away from my mother’s watchful eyes and protection. I became fascinated with such freedom, and learning that the culture governed school life, I found myself pressured against my norms. I mean, I was already 18, and had not lost my virginity, yet. It was not a bad thing, and I knew I
wanted to wait for that special moment, but
unfortunately, that was not what happened.

In the beginning of the school year, I met a guy, and we started dating. We pretty much were on and off, and at some point, I lost interest in him. One day, he called me and said he needed to talk about us, so I went to see him. When I got to his lodge, he was alone, because, his room mate went out. So we
began talking, he said he wanted us to be more serious with the relationship, he wanted us to be intimate, that he loves me a lot, I agreed and decided to put more effort into it. After the
discussion with him, he leaned closer to me, tried to
kiss me several times, but I blocked it, then I found
out blocking it was making me insane, I wanted to experience that part of life.

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Finally, I gave in, and we kissed, and kissing leads to other things. (No jokes, the guy will pull moves, and if you are feeling it, you will not be able to stop him)
We somehow ended up with our clothes on the floor
and I gave him a blow job. It was not the first time, but at this point, I knew I was tired of doing just that.

He was a virgin too, so I thought that because we
messed around a few times, that it would be okay to have our virginity taken by each other. At that time, it was all added up, and the whole being the good christian girl, slipped my mind. When he was getting the condom, after I asked, I panicked for a few
seconds that this was a milestone in my life, where I
would lose my virginity and sin, go against my values.

But the urge to be on another train was way stronger, so he came back with the co*dom, and I was ready to go all the way, that night.

He put the co*dom on, and I was on top, fo*eplay was really important, because it made it easier for him to slide in me without blood being involved. The first couple of tries, were discouraging, because, his
p*nis would not go in, but we did not give up, after a seemingly endless amount of times, I felt the ridiculousness of it.

The next moment, I felt his p*nis in line with my v*gina, I slipped it in. That was probably one of the sorest things I have ever experienced, but it was not the worst, compared to the second time. Once it was in, he tried to thrust in and out, but that was probably the smartest thing for him to do, since it hurt real bad. After a while, the pain stopped, I thought I bled, but I did not.

After that night, we did not feel that close to each other anymore, we only met for s*x, it was hard to accept at first, but later, I got used to it and we became ‘friends with benefits’.

The only regret was that we were not emotionally tied.

It was good in a way, though, because we were each other’s first, we both knew we did not have to worry about STD’s.

Please, make sure you guys reading this, always consider the health side effects, since that is important too, and wear protection ALWAYS, if you can not abstain from s*x.
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Monday, 3 April 2017

How to Make a Girl Wet and Soaked in 2 Minutes


With this tip, you can make any girl wet and Soaked.

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Heart Desires

Pin her down.
Whether you are f*cking, ki*sing, s*cking, licking, rubbing or fingering her:

pinning her down will drive
her insane. That feeling of helplessness really turns girls on and gets them soaked.

Just the way you like your girl to be.
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Sunday, 2 April 2017

My Husband Hates Making Love to Me: What Should I Do?

Love making

My Husband Hates Making Love to Me

Good day to you all, please this is eating me up and it would be my first time discussing it like I would extensively here. I almost know what other readers would say, but I still need to say it any way.

I turned 31 yesterday, I am married with 3 boys and another baby on the way. My kids are 7, 5 and 1 plus. My problem here is my husband does not seem to want to make love to me unless I go to him because we sleep in separate rooms. Some time ago , we slept together, But later in d night d kids would cry and come and join us, and because the bed was tight, hubby would leave and go and sleep elsewhere. It soon became a habit that even when the kids did not come he would still leave me and go and sleep elsewhere. 

This happened until my room( he already told me that once we moved to our personal house we would have our individual rooms, although I argued a bit but he made me feel like I was too clingy) was furnished then I
started sleeping by myself.

Sleeping alone is not my problem, But having s*x 3 or 4 times in a year is my biggest problem.

One time we almost did not have s*x the whole year.

You can look through my picture and see if I am a s*xy
mum or not. I am able to make a man cum in 3 minutes. I basically control the act. I can say I even thought my hubby how to f*ck because 8yrs ago when we started he only did missionary style. Now with every intercourse we do at least 3 styles and when I come on top of him he will cry and beg that I would make him cum.

I think I am good in bed in my own capacity because I
started having serious s*x from the age of 15 and I was f*cking_almost everyday. I do not double date n I do not cheat because I belief cheating is belittling.

Years ago when I complained my hubby was no giving me
enough s*x, he argued that it was so that if he travelled for a job for 6 months or more I would be able to stay. I think that is total rubbish because now we lack intimacy in our marriage.

I am not so into men per se, because growing up I had a very beautiful body and I walked seductively and my look was sort of sultry so they said. I had lots of big guys hitting on me but I felt what they wanted was just my body so I never gave them a chance.
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Saturday, 1 April 2017

My Catholic Parents Has Refused to Allow Me Marry an Anglican Man: Please Advice me

Catholic vs Anglican

My Catholic Parents Refused to Allow Me Marry an Anglican Man 

I have been sad for over a week now, even to the extent that it is affecting my job.

Since i started having suitors 85% of them are non catholics but ironically those i tend to love are this non catholics.

Before i go into any relationship i look at the individual critically and i pray before going into the relationship. But my parent have practically chased them away because they are not catholics.

Two have come to ask for my hand in marriage and they practically objected. I was pushed to date a particular guy because of this religion issue but he almost ruined my life and they are aware.

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After that, I decided to follow my heart and seek happiness not minding religion, I started a relationship last year january and we are now Engaged.

My parent refused to still allow me marry this guy except with the condition that the wedding will be done in the Catholic church because of the position they occupy.

My fiancee is an anglican and his relatives are insisting that in igboland the man marries the woman and as such should wed in his church.

They say my fiancee is the first to get married in the
whole extended family and must do the right thing for others to take after him.

I have cried, begged yet no positive response. My fiancee has pleaded with his family yet no positive response. I feel i am cursed, i have rejected close to sıx suitors because of religion. Just
yesterday my cousin introduced me to his friend that is a Winner saying that he is nice and has accepted
to wed me in the catholic church.

No one cares about my happiness all they want is to save the face of the family.

How will i marry somone i do not love because of religion?

My family is threatening to
disown me if i insist on going ahead with my fiancee. I am so downcast, i know many people here are so experienced in this issue, please i need advice. Thanks
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My Wife Does not Appreciate all am Doing for Her: Please Advice me

please advice me

My Wife Does not Appreciate all am Doing for Her

I got married to this lady whom I have not dated.

I reside abroad, so in 2013; I visited home with the sole aim of getting married. So i met this lady who was introduced to me by a close relative, and we got started. I travelled back and invited her to come and stay for some months which she did, although she complained that she would not come again because of the harsh weather of the country, which I reasoned with her.

I do visit home frequently and communication was so important to us. At the
beginning, I requested that she changed her mobile number to avoid distractions and also so that her former boy friends would not get access to her again. I said that because I noticed in one occasion, one of her boy's friend called her and wanted her to come and when I tried to ask her, she denied it and that it was her colleague and later I checked the callers
identity and confirmed my doubt.

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Heart Desires

She declined changing her mobile number, saying that it was used in opening and account with the bank and was also used in processing her school documents.I promised her that I would take care of her which I have been doing from day one till now. I usually send her things to sale and also give her money for feeding, pay the house rent,her school
fees and other expenses. But my worries now is, she does not appreciate all that am doing.

I have always told her to manage whatever I sent to her but she would not.

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She would spend both the money I sent to her and the proceeds from her sales, which is too bad.I have always told her to manage things with me But she does not want to hear such. We have a child now and as it is, am feed up with her. I rented a shop for her and stocked it with clothes for her to sale because she was complaining that she needed to have her own shop instead of working for private companies; and I reasoned with her. I told her to manage the shop well and pleaded with her to assist me and that when the children start coming, we would not look for anybody to train them for us but we have to give them the best. Am building a house which is near completion and this lady had never for once asked about the work. I have done a lot to keep the marriage and she is not reciprocating.

Always nagging,and always rubbing shoulders with
me because she sees me as the quiet type.

Please i need your advice.
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