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My Wife Does not Appreciate all am Doing for Her: Please Advice me

please advice me

My Wife Does not Appreciate all am Doing for Her

I got married to this lady whom I have not dated.

I reside abroad, so in 2013; I visited home with the sole aim of getting married. So i met this lady who was introduced to me by a close relative, and we got started. I travelled back and invited her to come and stay for some months which she did, although she complained that she would not come again because of the harsh weather of the country, which I reasoned with her.

I do visit home frequently and communication was so important to us. At the
beginning, I requested that she changed her mobile number to avoid distractions and also so that her former boy friends would not get access to her again. I said that because I noticed in one occasion, one of her boy's friend called her and wanted her to come and when I tried to ask her, she denied it and that it was her colleague and later I checked the callers
identity and confirmed my doubt.

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She declined changing her mobile number, saying that it was used in opening and account with the bank and was also used in processing her school documents.I promised her that I would take care of her which I have been doing from day one till now. I usually send her things to sale and also give her money for feeding, pay the house rent,her school
fees and other expenses. But my worries now is, she does not appreciate all that am doing.

I have always told her to manage whatever I sent to her but she would not.

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She would spend both the money I sent to her and the proceeds from her sales, which is too bad.I have always told her to manage things with me But she does not want to hear such. We have a child now and as it is, am feed up with her. I rented a shop for her and stocked it with clothes for her to sale because she was complaining that she needed to have her own shop instead of working for private companies; and I reasoned with her. I told her to manage the shop well and pleaded with her to assist me and that when the children start coming, we would not look for anybody to train them for us but we have to give them the best. Am building a house which is near completion and this lady had never for once asked about the work. I have done a lot to keep the marriage and she is not reciprocating.

Always nagging,and always rubbing shoulders with
me because she sees me as the quiet type.

Please i need your advice.

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