Friday, 7 April 2017

Top Reasons Why Most Ladies are Still Single Even at 40

How to get a husband

I will like us to discuss on the reasons why most ladies are not yet married even as they clock 40.

One of my friend said to me one day that all these Single
ladies i see around has one thing or the other that make them remain unmarried.

He said most has attitudenal issues, some are not ready to settle with a man who is not financially up there. He said that when you come close to some to interract you will
find out that upon their mature age of 40 and above
you will find out the ladies still thinks like a girl of 18 years. Not mature in thinking and action.

Recently, someone i know approached a lady he would love to marry.

He told her that he adore and want to marry her but the only issue is that he is not finacially bouyant.

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The lady in Question is 45years. She told him that
she can not go into such relationship. She want a man
that is happening. This man she rejected has 5million naira and more in his bank account. He did not want to show off first.

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The lady is unmarried till date. Honestly what i have
witnessed is spirit damping.
Many girls even well mature ladies do not know what they should look for in men before getting married.

Many girls only will go all the way with a man they consider rich not looking
at his behaviour. A man with a beautiful heart or woman with a beautiful heart makes marriage very interesting and enjoyable.

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