Thursday, 6 April 2017

Is it Bad for me to Tell My Wife to Stop Wearing Skimpy Dress?

My wife loves wearings skimpy dress and i do not like, please what should I do?

My wife skimpy dress

my marriage is 2years, my wife is so stubborn, she
said I can not tell her what to wear out. She is always
on short gown and she wears them to functions, once she bends down all her inner will be showing.

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last Saturday, a colleague of mine was wedding, what my wife wore out of the room, I told her she will not wear that and follow me, that she should go change it, I was waiting for her to wear something else, did not even know she went into the bedroom, undressed and laid down and was sleeping. 

Is it bad for me to tell her to stop wearing skimpy gowns?

She is 28 years. I am 36 years.

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