Sunday, 9 April 2017

How I Want Charles to F*ck Me Today : Ifeoma Fantasizes

Fuck me today

We actually met under some dire situations, we just got talking and then the chemistry became stronger,
the air got so thick with passion each time we are
together. I actually appreciate the fact that we can discuss anything, I am your fantasy, your dream, but we both know that we can never be together, it would break the heart of your wife.

Just recently, I can hear the jealousy in your voice, I
sense it inbetween every sentence you say, I smell
it from far, I just can not comprehend how something
so wrong can be so right for both of us. We have
never seen, but we do crazy stuff via the phone and
in 'best friends forever' oh my love. Prior to now, I felt
it is just a crazy fantasy that would just vanish like a
whiff of smoke, but alas, I have come to understand
that with each passing day, the desire to see you is
getting stronger.

Your voice chokes life out of me, the connectivity is the craziest reaction for me, I can feel you, and now, am about to do the craziest thing, like using your d*ck to taunt my, l* bia, yeahhhhhhhhhh, stroking hard on my p*ssy.

I want to take the tip of your d*ck and tease with my mouth, till you shove it deep into my throat. I just need to lick you badly with my
tongue. I want to saddle and ride you like a horse, give you authentic 360 degrees of straight f*cking.

I can jerk you real good and make my warm, tiny a*s
give you some mind blowing sensation.

I need to feel your fingers, one after the other, doing
some justice to my p*ssy, I need to blow right now,
there is an erruption about to come forth oh,yeah, jeeeezzzzz, f*ck,
I do not need love making, I just need some real gud
f*cking till I can scream my guts out, with reckless
abandon. Put your mouth on my n*pples and suck it off slickly. S*ck me hard and crazy, Charles.

Trace your finger from my fore-head, down the bridge of my nose, to my lips, let me suck the tip of your finger for a while please, I just want to feel that finger sensitizing my br*asts, teasing me till I burst
out in tears of sensation.

Traveling down to my navel, oh heaven, even unto my p*ssy land. I need to feel the sweetness of your cap in my warm, moist small, curvy p*ssy hole. F*ck me crazy, F*ck me to pieces and scatter!

Pinch me, slap that a*s, smack it hard as you f*ck
me, oh yeah, like that, do not stop, take me up from the back, f*ck, am so wet, dripping, c*ming, yet still far away. Give me that doggy, get me on my fours, b*ng me without mercy now, am talking gibberish, stop and give me some 69, put your f"cking d*ck into my mouth and suck my p*ssy juice for a while.

Let's go back to the scissors, s*ck me like you are s*cking the n*pples, lick me like an ice-cream, drink me like coke, you are so sweet, Charles.

My eyes are dilating and it is like am on cloud 9, shove your turbo charged d*ck into
my petite mouth and watch me s*ck your d*ck and sacs hungrily, lusciously, without a reason to stop for a second, your d*ck is a killer, just kill me with f*ck, oohhhhhhhh lawwwwd.

To be continued!

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