Thursday, 13 April 2017

My Husband Wants me to Sleep With Another Man: Please What do I do?

Sex with a stranger

My husband had an accident after 1 year 9 months of our marriage and his organs were affected so badly and landed him on a wheel chair .

It is so bad because nothing can be done, all the hospitals we have gone to. They are not too rich to travel out either.

After 4years of going to hospital to hospitals, his parents called me telling me to try and get pregnant for their son but it should not be from any of his relation at all. That I should keep it as a secret I will take to my grave.

This secret is amongst just me, him and his parents, no one else knows he is impotent.

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on Our 5 Children by Himself: Please What Should I do?

He has been a torn to me. I am finding this very hard
to do, but he is still making life miserable for me. No
support from him, anytime I return, he will tell me to
first go into the bathroom and i should not seat on his bed, I will not even embrace him, even after bathing, he will not allow me bring his food, he treats me like a piece of tissue. I have not even decided to sleep with anybody yet, though it has been 9 months they told
me that, it is really a tough one for me.

I so love my husband, I do not believe in having extra
marital affairs, but the way he sees me like a dirty thing makes me to call him one day and ask for a divorce.

Last week I went for a wedding, I drove myself because the driver does not come on weekends, we have a nanny, before leaving I made him bitter leaf soup and pounded yam, that was what he asked for. When I left, I have not even gotten to the wedding venue, he started asking, who am i with? , who is the man? I was shocked. I told him nobody.

Every hour he calls, it got to a length, I stopped picking so as to have peace. When I came back from the wedding, he threw packs of c*ndom at me, called me a Free s*x worker and all.

I am tired. He is their only male child amongst 5 girls.

What can you say about this?

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