Saturday, 3 June 2017

Best S*x Tips Ever

Below is the best s*x tip you can ever get anywhere. With this tips, your marriage is good to go.

Best Sex tips ever

1. A Lady needs 25-30 minutes to be ready for s*x so take your time while holding her.

2. Massage her slowly and tenderly, kiss her lips till they all turn Red.

3. Caress her b*obs and suck her n*pples untill they become erect like pen cover.

4. Take her pa*ties off and let her lie on the bed then go down on her and eat her p*ssy till she shouts your native name unknowingly.

5. Ladies: Please hold his erect d*ck and start sucking it passionately, men love this too. And men, never you deny a lady HEAD when you are also craving for a BJ, do not be stingy.

6. Then slowly insert his erect d*ck in your wet p*ssy. This shows that you are ready for the action and karate mortal combats together!

7. Men do not hurry to ej*culate, at least 35minutes so use every style you know to make her feel the pleasure. Make an eye contact as you are digging her.

8. Make sure that at the time of ej*culating, the lady has also reached her org*sm.

9. After ej*culation, do not remove your d*ck from the wet p*ssy. Let it stay there for some minutes as you kiss and caress her passionately! She might fall asleep who knows.

10. Use your right hand and slowly touch the cli*oris and massage it. Ladies love this a lot.

11. After some minutes, your d*ck will be erect again. You can dig her until she is satisfied.


●Dear MEN, please it is very wrong to penetrate a woman and in less than 2mins you are weak! What is that? It can kill a relationship if you do not know! It is WRONG please!

●Dear WOMEN please do not always expect a MAN to plead you before you ride him as well, learn to give and also take! It is vice versa!


Little things like this can keep a lasting relationship and marriage forever but you'll see it as evil advice from me! Since nobody can force you to commit suicide same as your decision to adhere or admit this but pretends kills. Many will say I am insane yes I agree but what makes you perfect?

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