Wednesday, 31 May 2017

My Relationship has been Full of Tears: Please Advice Me

Please i need this forum to help me out on this issue.

I am 25, my boyfriend is 31, our relationship is just 4months old, but so far I noticed I have been the only one pushing hard and trying to make things work, he is been nonchalant about the whole thing, I do the calling, visiting and all that, most times he does not even pick my calls, and he would not return the call either, if I complain he would say I nag too much, plus so many other attitudes.

In fact the relationship has been full of tears for me.

Today I went to his house and talked to him about how I feel, I told him that the burden of the relationship is too much for me to bare, we are 2 adults in the relationship so we should both put our efforts or he should let me go now before it is too late. He begged me not to be angry and said he knows he is not been fair to me, that his issue is that, I am not his spec of girl when it comes to physical appearance, he just wanted to have his fun with me and walk away, but the issue now is that he realized during the course of the relationship that I am everything he wants in a woman in terms of attitude, that is why he is just confused, that I should give him time to really think it through, then I told him I was tired of suffering in the name of relationship, so while he is thinking, the relationship should be on hold, he refused but I stood my ground and walked away.

Please am I being irrational or am I overacting? Please candid advice please because I am hurting already.

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