Monday, 17 April 2017

He Wants to Marry Me but Am Scared: Advice me Please

I need advice on this. Am 26rs just graduated last year and he is 34years. I met him last year September through his sister and we started talking. After 1month he opened up to me that he was married, I was shocked and wanted to avoid him, he told me he got married 2015 and few months after their wedding the lady got pregnant for him but started talking concoctions without his knowledge so as to get rid of the baby, he took her to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that the baby is dead and they have to flush it.

It got him angry and he went extra mile to find out more about the girl, he found out that the girl is already married since 2010 and she also lied to him about her age, she is much older than him. He showed me the girl first wedding pictures and she was also heavily pregnant in the pictures.

The guy invited the girls parent, the pastor that wedded them and his own parents to his house to dissolve the wedding, the pastor destroyed their wedding certificate saying that the lady already belongs to another man.

He came to my house last christmas with his parents to confirm the story because i doubted him. This is 7months we started talking and he have asked me to marry him.

I do really like enough to marry him but the problem is the messages the ex-wife sends to him, the last message she sent was that God will fight for her and he replied her that her charm will no more work on him.

Do you think I should give time before accepting him?

Pls I need advice your advice and not insult.

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