Saturday, 15 April 2017

My Girlfriend is Still Having S*x with Her Ex: What do I do?

Sex my ex

what can I do, my girlfriend is still having s*x with her ex , she said the guy is too good
in bed and they can not marry because both are AS. 

I can not see my self sucking a woman, I have not done it
before, and I do not even like the bl*w job thing.

I love her but she is still having s*x with that her ex who got married last two years. I have told her it is not
good to still be sleeping with the man, but she told me she is doing it for fun, just 5 months, I called off the relationship, she fought tooth and nail saying I can not call it off like that, she kept calling and disturbing, I love her honestly, we reconciled but I found out that her ex is still communicating with her.
I am confused What should I do?

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