Thursday, 11 May 2017

Am in Tears: I Caught My Girlfriend Fu*king Another Guy Yesterday

I love this babe so much. I used to give her one or two rounds. Saving her pucci for the future, in case we later get married. I did not know she likes s*x that much. I did not know she likese to go like 4 rounds.

I caught her in bed p*nts down with my paddy, an Ibo guy. Instead of being ashamed, she said I only go two rounds, that I am not hot.

That my friend can go 4 to 5 rounds. And that my friend does not pity her pu*sy. I don't knw what she means by that.

So I angrily left.

Right now I am in tears.

I have not felt like this before.

Pls advice me.

Should I go and beg her?
Should I dump her or has she dumped Me already?

Should I forgive my paddy that betrayed me?

I am so confused right now.

I feel humiliated. Why do babes like rough guys? I was trying to play the good guy. It backfired.

Please advice me.

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